The 2010 ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest, 
     Sponsored by IBM
East Central North America Region

The 2010 ACM-ICPC East Central North America
Regional Programming Contest

Winners of Other Awards (Based on Overall Standing)

AwardTeamInstituteOverall RankNumber of Problems SolvedTotal Time (in minutes)Remarks
Jolly Jumpers Butler 2Butler University154879Butler University jumped from the 74th place last year to 15th place this year
Extreme Programmers Flash CodersKent State University332151Solved Problem B in 22 minutes (1/22)
Steadfast Gurus Scottish DilbertsEdinboro University of Pennsylvania492440They submitted their solution to Problem G at time 298
Solid Programmers OSU-GrayOhio State University144855Solved 4 problems in 855 minutes
Relentless Programmers Gryph GoldUniversity of Guelph602776Solved Problem G after 8 attempts (8/298)

Jolly Jumpers
Awarded to the school with highest rank where rank is defined as rank = LastYearHighestRank - ThisYearHighestRank
Extreme Programmers
Awarded to the team submitting the first successful run
Steadfast Gurus
Awarded to the team submitting the last successful run
Solid Programmers
Awarded to the team solving the highest number of problems minimal penalties
Relentless Programmers
Awarded to the team solving a problem after the most number of wrong submissions